Coleridge Shelley , CEO - WABAG Philippines

My growth in Position is mind blowing from a Manager in HO to CEO of WABAG Philippines in 10 years & the growth in my remuneration grew 10 times in 10 years. In addition, I was allotted ESOP (shares) and I earned more than I could ever earn for the past 10 years in other big International Petrochemical/Oil & Gas companies.

(Wabagite since 2003)


The WABAG management team comprises of leaders who are also engineers and who understand the technical aspects of the business as good as the business strategy.. They have demonstrated that engineering expertise combined with passion and dreams produce powerful results. 

(Wabagite since 1996)

Lubomir Nemec , CEO- WABAG BRNO

That is a huge challenge for everybody, who wants   to be member of the big excellent group WABAG. You can increase your skills development and build your professional growth here.WABAG is a perfect challenge for perfect people!


WABAG has a great history and is achieving phenomenal growth. It is an honor to be a part of this great organization and work with some of the brightest minds of industry. 

(Wabagite since 2004)

Helma Hakala, WABAG Vienna - Corporate Communications

I have been working for VA TECH WABAG since its foundation in 1999 and although I have witnessed some relatively turbulent times, I have always enjoyed working for the company and being part of an international and dynamic organisation. Not only the meaningful nature of our business, but also my colleagues in over twenty countries serve to make every day spent in my job a fascinating experience.  


Wabag and Mr. Mittal had been the steady beacon that guided me on my journey from a raw graduate engineer to a seasoned professional. Wabag always instills the spirit of entrepreneurship and ownership, and develops the finer qualities with a very strong sense of accountability.

(Wabagite since 2006)


WABAGites gain invaluable practical learning and first-hand experience from working with its visionary leaders who built a business from ground up and changed the face of Indian water industry. Being a part of this incredible journey has instilled enormous amount of confidence and zeal in me.

(Wabagite since 2005)

Ebrahim Rezaee , Executive and Sales Manager- WABAG Austria

I’d like to state that WABAG succeeds not by virtue of its size or industry, but by valuing its people and bringing out the best in them.


The WABAG motto to spread happiness through our work has in turn created enormous personal and professional fulfilment for me.  The best takeaway from my career in WABAG has been the emphasis on giving back which in turn has made me a much better person

(Wabagite since 2003)

Katharina Reisacher, HR Manager- WABAG Vienna

Being part of WABAG family since 14 years I enjoy every day the cooperation between different cultures and disciplines within our company around the globe.

Ruiz-Jarabo Andrea ,Junior Engineer -WABAG Spain

As a young engineer, working for WABAG gives me all I need to grow and develop my career

Current opening

We need personnel in project management, site management, all disciplines of engineering , sales & marketing of water and wastewater treatment.